Once word gets out about the intricate displays which Roy Wittman has built, it won’t be long before tours through this diverse attraction are backed up out the door."”

—Geneva Macgillivray, Nanton Review, May 4 to May 17, 2011 Volume 7, Issue 15.

About Carol and Roy Wittman

Carol and Roy Wittman, owners of Museum of MiniaturesWhat do you do when your hobby takes over your life? Thirty–five year BC Ferries verteran, Capt. Roy Wittman, had a unique answer to that question—he built an entire museum!

For 6 years Roy considered retirement, but believed to have a healthy retirement a person must keep active. With this belief, Roy took his hobby of building miniatures into building vast and graphic model scenes which included lakes, mountains, covered wagons, wheat fields and even an old western town—all in a 1/12″ scale. The original concept was to create scenes based on the Old West, but Roy’s passion eventually led to other dioramas such as a circus, dinosaurs, a jungle scene and much more.

After years of building and creating, Roy’s museum was ready for opening in May 2001 in Cardston, Alberta. In April 2010, Roy and his wife Carol relocated the popular museum to its current home in Nanton, Alberta.

Roy continues to maintain and add to the collections while Carol handles the administration of the museum.